Understand your signs & symbols

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Understand your systems and processes

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Understand your organisational design

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Craft your culture

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Understand your signs & symbols

Organisational culture is complex. Basic underlying assumptions are often unconscious taken for granted beliefs and values which determine behaviour, perception, thought and feeling. Creating awareness of the artefacts, or signs and symbols, that your organisation and leadership displays is critical to ensuring alignment between your strategy and culture. Do your espoused values really explain your signs and symbols? Are you helping or hindering your culture by the signs and symbols you are displaying?

Understand your systems & processes

Formal systems and processes can either reward or punish certain behaviours and if unchecked can lead to dysfunction and a culture not aligned to your strategy. The systems and process you require as an organisation will differ based upon the stage of growth of your business and the way in which your are seeking to gain strategic advantage. For example a large business with 50,000 staff will have different requirements to a 2 person start-up. A business looking to be on the cutting edge of innovation generating new products and markets will need systems and processes to support innovation. Are your systems and processes consistent with your desired way of thinking and working?

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Understand your organisational design

Organisational design takes into account not only the formal and informal organisational structures, but also the connections between your people policies, rewards and incentives for staff, systems and processes and overall company strategy. The ultimate outcome of organisational design when done well is to utilise systems thinking to ensure that you design your organisation so that the direction of the organisation is aligned to the decision making power, flow of information, motivation of people to perform and the required employee mindset and skills. Are you clear on how your organisational design supports your strategy?

Craft your culture

In a world of volatility and uncertainty, transformative culture change is often required to meet strategic objectives. Understanding very clearly the problem that you are trying to solve and positioning the concrete objectives you are seeking to create requires careful crafting to create a safe environment to support change. Taking a deliberate and managed approach to the factors which influence cultural change increases the likelihood of success. Culture change is hard and requires a deep understanding of context and courage by leaders. Chrysalis advocates involving people in the process to craft a new way of working that will meet the future needs of your business. There is no cookie cutter approach to culture and Chrysalis tailors each engagement to your needs.

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