Prof Nik Zeps, Partner of Chrysalis participated in a ‘Talking Trials Webinar’ panel discussion facilitated by Melanie Gentgall, Director of the SAHMRI Clinical Trials Platform today. The discussion focussed on ‘Quality Matters’ and Quality Management Systems (QMS) in the clinical trials context.

Nik said, “The reason for quality management systems is not about ticking a box, it is about ensuring patient safety. There needs to be a cultural shift. It is not enough to have a bunch of policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs). We need to be thinking about governance by design.”

The panellists had a very fruitful discussion and these ideas will contribute to assisting organisations understand the importance and benefits of the quality management systems, barriers for implementation and how to get started in implementing QMS.

The Talking Trials Webinar will be posted on the SAHMRI site shortly:

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