Prof Nik Zeps, Partner at Chrysalis spoke at the ANDHealth Accelerate in Digital Health Masterclass Program to about 30 international industry leaders on clinical studies in digital health. This program is the only intensive accelerator program in Australia designed specifically for companies seeking to commercialise evidence-based digital health products.

Nik shared his insights on ‘Knowing your why, when in gathering clinical evidence’ and highlighted the importance for organisations to gather clinical evidence and show efficacy to funders and regulators. Nik gave practical advice from his experience spanning the regulatory environment, designing and running trials and in ethics and governance to enable attendees to quickly identify how to ensure they can develop and bring their ideas to fruition.

By participating in this event, Nik has also contributed a donation to the Red Dust in supporting indigenous health education.

Check out some of the participants’ feedback!

“Great learnings about clinical evaluation from Nik”

“Loads of great content from this presentation – thank you. Need to process it and put key steps into action”

“Great advice, thanks Nik!”

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