After previously working with this organisation during a facilitation workshop, a Melbourne-based NFP contacted Nick Northcott at Chrysalis Advisory for assistance in reviewing their current organisational structure with the view of a redesign in order to cut costs.

Throughout the engagement, Nick had close contact with the NFP’s CEO, and Chrysalis Advisory conducted a detailed, in-depth review of the organisation, their expenses and where they could recoup costs. This involved multiple organisational design packs which addressed each aspect of the organisation and each role within their 50-member team. Nick also attended multiple strategy sessions in Melbourne with the CEO and some executive team members to gain a better understanding of the required outcome for the organisation.

As a result, the NFP implemented Chrysalis Advisory’s recommendations and saved $XXXX as a result. During the process, Nick and the broader Chrysalis team were able to advise the NFP’s CEO about relevant legislation and best practice to ensure the best outcome for the organisation and its staff.