In late 2018, Chrysalis Advisory was engaged by a major Victorian university to conduct a review into existing governance structures within the organisation and create a new governance framework through which they could operate. This governance project required Chrysalis to factor in current operations at the university, relevant university policies and binding legislation to ensure all departments were compliant with regulations whilst also delivering at an optimum level.

Chrysalis initially conducted a performance review and gap analysis in conjunction with an expert advisor to determine current practices with the organisation and where changes were necessary in order to increase efficiency, quality and be compliant with regulations.

Once the review and gap analysis was complete, Chrysalis was able to assist the university in developing a high-quality governance framework. The framework included the development of a roles, responsibilities and accountabilities matrix for university employees and key partners, with the vision that the framework would underpin the university’s Quality Management Strategy as part of a modern approach to managing the logistical and regulatory elements of the departments in question.

This project is currently ongoing, with Chrysalis Advisory supporting the university to achieve exceptional outcomes in the final version of their framework.