A mid-tier global law firm engaged Chrysalis Advisory, led by Partner, Allison Northcott to investigate a claim of bullying and inappropriate conduct made by a senior executive with respect to the CEO of a global company with headquarters based offshore. Given the seniority of the parties involved, the complexity of the allegations and significant opportunity for reputational damage, Ms Northcott was engaged to conduct an impartial, procedurally fair workplace investigation comprising multiple allegations and witnesses, multi-jurisdiction policy arrangements and findings.

Ms Northcott managed multiple stakeholders including the engaging law firm and associates, the Client’s general counsel and witnesses. The workplace investigation report submitted by Chrysalis Advisory was commended by the engaging law firm and their client, providing the client with defensible findings upon which to proceed with disciplinary action.

Underpinning the investigation was Chrysalis’s use of project management tools, technology and processes to enable efficiency, transparency and coordination; expertise in interviewing, gathering and analysing evidence; and effective utilisation of resources to minimise cost and time to complete the investigation.