The Centre for Social Impact (‘CSI’) is a research-driven, social impact organisation with three major participating universities – the University of New South Wales (‘UNSW’), Swinburne University of Technology (‘Swinburne’) and the University of Western Australia (‘UWA’). CSI’s mission is to develop data and evidence-driven solutions to Australia’s most pressing social issues, including homelessness, healthcare, housing and financial inclusion. CSI is also creating a tool for Government, not-for-profit and other charitable organisations to tangibly measure their success at delivering social programs and support, known as ‘Amplify Social Impact’.

Chrysalis Advisory was engaged by Professor Kristy Muir, CSI, in early 2017 to review CSI’s business with the view to building a sustainable business model, develop a risk management framework/risk register and develop a business case for the Amplify project, including providing insight into the development and commercialisation pathway and subsequent required funding.

Over the course of the 1.5 year engagement, Chrysalis Advisory was able to help create a sustainable business structure for CSI and their Amplify program. Chrysalis made multiple investor introductions, established appropriate internal frameworks and met with key stakeholders to ensure CSI could continue to grow and have a material impact in their chosen area.

Chrysalis Advisory has concluded its formal relationship with CSI after delivering all agreed outcomes, and continues to assist CSI on an ad-hoc basis as required.